Friday, 9 March 2012

Jolana Basso. . . . . .

Yes, I know I said I would do another Jazz but I have struggled
to find any pics of it the one that has all the covers on and the
other Japan '62, I now remember, I have done before - this one!

So, having come across some old pics, the other day, I thought
I would throw this into the ring!!

Jolana Basso.
I bought this yonks ago to use on Bowie type stuff,
Ziggy, etc
but to be honest, I never got round to it, so it found a new home.
Not sure what happened to it!

Built for a Budget, is perhaps the best way of describing it.
Having said that, it had quite a nice deep sound.

Jolana made all sorts of guitars, including a Peavey T-40
"Tribute" and an attempt at a Gibson RD.
There is a great site for "Eastern Block" guitars here:

Well worth a look and very informative.

Gigged my Peter Cook Axis at the weekend - boy that thing
has got some punch. Loved playing it.

Anyway, things to do - I will try and come back to you with
something else interesting.

Cheers. :)

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