Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ibanez Blazer Bass. . . . . . .

My slightly battered but much admired old '82 Blazer Bass
has now found a new home.

The new owner had one previously and let it go, regretting
that decision later on.
So, I was really pleased that it was going to someone very keen
to have another Blazer, albeit somewhat battered!

It was like that when I got it and as a player, it's a cracker.
Blazers have more punch than a Precision and they feel more
lively to play. Nice neck, well balanced and an easy player.

It was roped in for rehearsals and some open mic stuff, as
it didn't really matter if it acquired another ding or a chip
on the head from contact with a cymbal - most pub open
mics can be a bit cosy and there isn't much space, so an
ideal tool for the job.

I have an Ibanez RB 650, which is essentially a Blazer with an
added "J" pick-up. I have gigged that one quite a few times
and is really nice to play.

If, however a nice Blazer comes up. . . . . I think I just might!!

On another note, visitors seem to be coming in looking for
"Gordy Headless Bass"
Is there another one out there that has come up for grabs?

Just out of curiosity, I'd love to know.
Drop me a line.

Cheers. :)

EDIT: 3rd Jan 2012
I have had so many hits on this during the last couple
of days. . . . any ideas why??
Would love to know - e.mail me at the address above.

Thanks. :)

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