Sunday, 4 September 2011

Guild B-301 and B301-F 1977 and 1981. . . . . . .

Well, there's a thing!!!!!

Got a Guild B-301??
Perhaps you better read this all the way through.

I have already done a feature on my black B301-F and as detailed
on my last post, I will get round to getting some shots of the B-301.

Anyway, bit of a long story - due to a an accident with a jack plug,
I have cracked the area on the B-301, just around the socket! :(

Sunday and it's raining, bit of a scratchy pot on the fretless, so I
thought I'll whip off the scratchplate, clean the pot and while I
have got the plate off, I'll make a very accurate template and get
another plate made - not that it was terminal but it just looked
odd and I thought I would bring it back to it's former glory.

Not quite sure why but I thought I would hold up the later one
to the earlier one and something didn't look right!
After some basic measurements, I had convinced myself that
they were different and the only way to tell was to lay one
on top of the other.

So, curiosity got the better of me and instead of a 20 min job to
fix a slightly annoying pot, I have spent the last 2 hrs on this!!

They are different, in almost every way.
I used the pick-up hole as reference point.
Almost none of the screw holes line up, the shape is very slightly
different in many ways and the holes for the controls are in a
different area.

So. . . . . if you are looking to buy a used or secondhand plate for
a B-301, make sure you get the correct one.

The plus point - at least it has prompted me to remove it, so
I may as well get it sorted now!

Cheers. :) 

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