Friday, 26 August 2011

Electra, Yamaha, Aria, Seiwa, Ovation, Jaydee, Guild. . . . . . .

Friday again!

Just a quick post today - no pics, sorry!!

For anyone who is eagerly waiting for the feature on the Jaydee
Twin Neck, sorry - I really must got round to collating the info.

There are loads more to come, I just can't get round to getting any
decent shots - finding the time and getting the right type of light!

So, I thought I would whet your appetite and run through a few
that are perhaps next on the list.

Electra Outlaw - Mmm, Nice!
Yamaha SB500 - So "Old School Yamaha!
Yamaha BX-1 - So different for Yamaha!
Seiwa Jazzman - So rare, never seen another like mine!
Aria: Still to come - SB 1000, SB1000 MkII, CSB450 SB900, Elite 1
SB-R60 (the other one) YS 500 and a few others lurking in their cases.
Brian May Red Special and it's twin Brother!
Ovation Magnum - For the Jah Wobble and Kim Gordon fans!
Guild B-301 - Mahogany, fretted!
Kay Hatchet - Tiny little thing!
Doug Wilkes - The other one, Fretless!
Peavey T-60 - Way too many of these but I just love them!
Peavey T-40 - More of them to come, as well as Project T-40!
etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc!!!!

Anyone with an interest in any of the above, drop me a line - let
me know about yours, what you think of it.
Always keen to hear from other owners.

See you next time.

Cheers. :)

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