Friday, 12 August 2011

Vicar's T-40. A Peavey in Punk!!. . . . . . . .

Another T-40?? Yep!

This all started off with this:

Hi all. I have a renewed interest in the T-40 thanks to posts and
pics by Flat Eric.

My name is Kirk Matthews and I was the founder member and
bass player in the 1970's Punk Rock band "The Vicars"
based on
Canvey Island, Essex, England.

He had seen some of my ramblings about the Peavey T-40 and
was very keen to get his hands on one of the same period.
I do have a '79 Natural, which is what his was but mine is
staying with me.
A friend of mine and a fellow T-40 player, had lusted over one
of my other T-40's, for far too long and I finally gave in.
I took his as part of the deal, so although I only had it for a very
short period of time, it was still mine for a while, so gets a mention.

It is now with Kirk, a very happy Vicar.

This is Kirk, in action - back in the days of Punk Rock.

I just love see pics of instruments being played in their era.

This is how it left me. . . . . . . .

These were taken by The Bass Playing Vicar, once it was in his hands.


A few words from The Vicar.

Here is a beaut' that I have just got from Flat Eric.
Cant thank the guy enough............
This baby sounds as bright as she looks......... I'm well made up.

3 songs on the myspace site were recorded using the T-40.
"I'm Going Mad" (NOT the Alf version) "Simple Minded" and
"Come Back"

I was 19 years old and they were recorded in 1980.


Another Peavey T-40 player back in the fold!

Project T-40 will resume shortly - need to make final decisions
on how complex or simple the electrics will be. . . . . . . .

See you next time.

Cheers. :)

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