Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ibanez MC-924DS, Templates and Direct'ers. . . . .

Hi to all out there, including my Direct'ers.

No, it is not a spelling mistake!
There are several people from all over the world, who must have
saved a direct link to the blog and not via Google or any other
search engines - I do it myself.
So, to all of you who visit on a regular basis, always nice to see you.

If you fancy dropping me a line, always glad to hear from you.

I have had quite a few e.mails recently, one from someone who
wants templates to build a replica of one of my Twin Necks and
the other day, one from San Francisco, wanting to know if I was
a luthier and was I looking for some work.
As I am around 5370 miles from SanFrancisco, perhaps it's not
that practical. Nice thought though - would be great to go over
there during the winter!!

And finally. . . . . pulled out my old MC-924DS, just a couple of
weeks short of it's 30th birthday.
It is not the other one, that I have covered in the blog, this is
the older one I keep mentioning but never get round to taking
any pics. Must try harder!!

I haven't played this one for well over a year - shame on me -
and it was great to plug it in (yes I changed the battery) and
realise what a great bass it is.
Strings were perhaps there best, so it's new string time.
I will do this one soon!

Cheers. :)

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