Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year and Ray Cooper Bass. . . .

Happy New Year! All the best for 2019!

Over the Christmas period, I dug out a couple of old friends but whilst doing that, I came across my Ray Cooper Custom Bass!
I have not even opened the case on this one, for a while and thought it was time to flick the catches and have a go!
A joy to look at and play, medium scale and totally unique!
Here it is, with a couple of like minded friends.

 Here is a link to the feature I did in 2014, which has several more images, taken at the time. Ray Cooper Custom Bass

Magic! I'm going to try and find the Ibanez Explorer and the Gibson RD, over the next couple of weeks and give them a go.

All the best.
Cheers. :)

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