Friday, 8 August 2014

Ray Cooper Custom Bass. . . . . . . .

Right, time to get back on track!

This is a cracking 32" scale, Firebird inspired bass, made
in 1977, by Ray Cooper.

Although this bass is now 37 years old, almost to the day,
Ray is still involved in guitars and has a list of customers that
would make your eyes water, reading it.

What a lovely instrument!
Nice weight and feel to it - balances really nicely, given the 
sort of shape it it and just screams quality made with care.

Here is is, centre stage, in the shot that Lars Mullen took. 

Being medium scale, it is easy to run up and down the board,
right up to the 24th fret. . . . . if you need to!
The dusty end, as it is sometimes referred to!

The neck has a very comfortable feel to it and the fretwork, is
very well done. Lovely dark fingerboard.
It has a scooped section, at the end of the board, which is really
great if you want to do a bit of "slappin' and poppin' ".

You can see the date stamped inside the scoop.

It has Ray's own active circuit, which along with the DiMarzio
Jazz Pick-ups, does the business. . . . . very nicely.

Neck thru, nice little volute and great head shape - Nice!

To top it all off, Ray's logo, beautifully inlaid in Mother of Pearl.
Another nice touch - Ray has detailed the brass nut, between
the strings - just to enhance the look of this fine bass
A quality job.

Totally unique - Nice one, Ray!!

Cheers. :)

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