Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Time flies. . .

Hi to all out there. :)

I am still going through what I have and playing basses and guitars that haven't been out for a while and thoroughly enjoying it.
I had a bit of a Status moment, when I dug out my Groove. Over time, I sort of forget how nice something is to play.
So having had a go on that, I had a rummage around and found the Shark - Lovely to play, such a great neck and it sits just right.
While I was looking for the shark, I had a nostalgia moment - I found my old Columbus Telecaster Bass, which I haven't seen for ages - ah those were the days!
Next to the Columbus was another bass that I hadn't played for a long time and again, had forgotten how good it was - The Westone Quantum.
Finally, for this post, I have had someone interested in my dark grey Ovation Magnum III, so I have been playing that for the last week or so, just through a small amp but will be putting it through my Genz rig, at the weekend. So having been reacquainted with the Mag III, I went hunting for it's cousin - The Breadwinner. Nice.
And finally, finally. . . . My Yamaha BX1, may have found a new home - more on that, next time.

Cheers. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there. Where are you selling these lovely instruments? Ebay?

Flat Eric said...

Hi.At the moment, it is sort of "word of mouth" and people contacting me, asking if an instrument is for sale. There is no real plan to finding them new homes, just bit by bit, I will let one go to a new owner. Is there one you have in mind? Cheers. : )