Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Ibanez Artist Bass. . . .

Snowing here in Blighty. . . . Brrrrrr.

I have sold another three basses - slow process, this!
Anyway, as I have been going through all sorts of things, I came across this the other day.

Click on this little beauty. . . . to get the full effect!!

I think this shot is around 5 years old - I think I was having a sort out and taking some shots and took this under fluorescent lighting, on a veneered desk top.
I really like the shot, although it doesn't reflect the true colour of the bass, which is a lot darker.
This is a post from 2010, showing a brother Artist, which is the true colour - the one that is mentioned in the post (may be getting another one) is actually this one.
Carved top, fixed neck, just beautiful.

Not played either for some time, so I think it's time to dig them out. : )

Back soon.

Cheers. : )

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