Friday, 27 November 2015

Peter Cook - Guitars, Basses and July. . .

Any regular readers will know I did a big feature on 
Peter cook, the guitar builder - perhaps most famous
for his work with The Who.

He also made many other instruments, including these.


Quite a long time ago, Peter and I arranged another meeting
but Peter was not well at the time and that has sort of been
on-going, for some time.
In his own words, he said that the "Nuking" was over and he
is back in the loop.

So, after some considerable time, we are going to meet up,
early next year and chew over some of the other work he did,
as well as catching up.

I am pleased to tell you that he is back out gigging again, 
with "July"

July - The Band 

I had a lot of readers follow Peter's story, so. . . .  sit tight
and I'll keep you posted!!

The Reeve is coming on nicely - pics and details to follow!

Cheers. :)  

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