Saturday, 19 December 2015

Reeve Headless - The Re-build Continues. . . .

Hi to all you patient readers. :)

Right, where are we up to now?


The top shot show the tuners finished and re-fitted and the
one above shows it when I took the cover plate off it.

As you can see, in red marker, it says "Derek".

I have no idea who Derek is or was - or what the arrow is for, 
unless Derek was the engraver and the instruction is "this
is the top"? 

All cleaned up inside with a dab of white grease, to keep it
running smoothly.

The other day, whilst I had the iron out, I sorted out the 
wayward wire, which was the only thing that was wrong
with the electronics.

And finally, for this post - I cleaned up the board, making 
the frets and the brass position markers stand out very
nicely - all shiny.
One coat of lemon oil, job done.

Currently, I am in the middle of cleaning the body and 
refitting the bridge, then the string retainer and the knobs
for the pots and selector switch.

So, back next time with more details and pics.

Cheers. :)

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