Monday, 19 October 2015

Bass Guitar Collection!

Dear readers.

I have had a bit of a telling off, which to be fair, is probably well deserved!

One of my long time readers, sent me several screen shots a few months
ago and said, that having done a search on various search engines, my
collection came first, top left, on a lot of the ones he tried.
Fair enough!

He continued with "so why don't you get cracking and show us some more!!"

Well, it's finding the time!!
The Reeve project has taken so much longer than it should - the weather
has not been too bad over the summer - hedges to trim, grass to be cut, gigs
to do and go to, several trots down to the pub and all manner of other things!!

I have apologised in the past, for my lack of continuity but anyone who runs
a blog, will know it takes more than just a few words.
Some I know, make an entry almost every day!

So, this is not an apology, more of a I will try harder - the winter is on it's way
so I may be able to knuckle down again.

And. . . . while I'm here, this is a call to anyone who has a Reeve Guitar or Bass.
I have had several good contacts from owners and would like to hear from others.

The Reeve is in hand and I will be putting up another post. . . . Real Soon!!

Cheers. :) 


Unknown said...

Hi Eric

Can you give me your opinion on the Van Der End custom basses made in Holland? Thanks!

Flat Eric said...

Hi. Sent you a message - hope you get it. :)