Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bass Restoration - Pick-ups. . . . . . .

Stripping down work has now started. 

Sure looks like wood!!

When I did get both pick-ups going, I was pleased with the output.
Having started the strip down, I was quite shocked to find that they
are not wooden covers - they are carefully moulded resin!
What a surprise.

I currently have no idea of the make.
They would be around 25 - 28 years old, I believe, so could be anyone
of the specialists from the 60's, 70's or 80's, who would have developed
more and more advanced pick-ups, over the years.

I am sort of thinking of Rainbow/Armstrong??
Needs more investigation.
If anyone has any clues, drop me a line in the comments.

Back next time with other parts removed.



Jim D said...

Pickups look like Kent Armstrongs to me - I remember reading about the woodgrain resin moulded units back in reviews in mags like One Two Testing and International Musician back in the 80s, and if the wires attach to little solder tabs (and it looks like they might) then that was something KA did too.

Flat Eric said...

Jim, Hi.
I have sent details to Kent, hoping he can help - your comment makes me think I am on the right track. Rainbow - Armstrong.
Next post up real soon - thanks for the comment.
Cheers. :)

Mr Stuart Martin said...

I had a manson explorer bass with those pickups they are kent armstrongs from what ive read

Mr Stuart Martin said...

I had manson explorer bass with those pickups kent armstrongs from what ive read.