Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bass Restoration - Reeve - The electronics. . . .

Before I started this feature, I had only had it out of the case once.
This was to give it a look over and plug it in.
The first thing that came to light, was the neck pick-up didn't work,
which wasn't a surprise as it was noted that the electrics were not
all fully functioning.

Having got the back off, it didn't take long to work out why!
The red and blue wires for the neck pick-up, had broken away
from the switch.
So, just after this shot was taken, I positioned the wires on the 
contact and bingo! It worked!

With the jack plug not fully pressed in, the active is not powered.
Jack in and the active circuit has power.
Micro switch forward and the active is engaged.

All I can say is - with some really old strings on, I got some great
sounds from the rotary switch - from bass boost to mids to highs.
Very nice indeed!
All the fun came to an end when the wire fell off again! 

All of it works - the pots are a little scratchy but nothing a clean
won't cure.
Very pleased so far!

I'm still not sure what the pick-ups are - that will be investigated
on the next post.

The bridge is very well made and is fully floating.
Height adjustment is in the usual manner but the intonation is
altered by physically pushing the saddles, backwards and forwards.
When all is correct, they are locked into place, with a grub screw
either side, which clamps them together and are then solid!

I'm quite looking forward to working on this one.

Back next time - pick-ups out and bridge and tuners off.

Cheers. :)

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Graham Hunt said...

Bridge design is very neat.
Looking forward to the rest of this restoration

Flat Eric said...

Graham, Hi. :)

The thought that has gone into it has to be admired.
Next post up, real soon.
Cheers. :)