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Peavey T-40 and T-60 users and literature. .

Peavey were keen to let it be known that their guitars were being used by 
major artists, at the time - perhaps the most famous, was Ross Valory of
the band, Journey.

There was also Leon Medica of Le Roux and Banner Thomas from
Molly Hatchet.
Leon has been a long time Peavey user - through T-20, T-40 and later using
a Peavey Zodiac.     


Johnnie Copeland was a T-60 user, as were many studio players - one guitar,
for various tones.
One of the pics below, show Carl Perkins, with George Harrison and Eric Clapton,
wielding a T-60.      


Some of the earlier literature that Peavey produced.

I asked Chip about the other T series guitars and basses but I think it is
perhaps best left alone and leave this feature as a T-40 and T-60 only.

Chip closed with these words.

I designed the T-15, T-30; hardware that I designed, and neck patents of mine 
were on those instruments.
I haven't been curious enough to really look into the 20,25-27, or the T-45 

for my input.
I'm honoured and surprised that anyone is interested to that depth.
Warm regards,

I would like to thank him again, for all of his help.

That about wraps it up on this one - I will be putting up shots of some of my "T"'s,
along with a pic of my unusual early case, with the blue interior.

Cheers. :)

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