Saturday, 23 February 2013

One Hundred Thousand Visitors - Thanks for dropping in. :)

Today is Saturday February 23rd and today my Blogspot visitor counter shows
the all time number of visitors to my Blog as 100058 visitors!

So, Hi to all those who have dropped in and out over the last few years and
welcome to any new vistors :)

The counter also shows the most visited posts, since I started - it is quite interesting
to see what has been the most popular.

The most popular today are listed below.

Yamaha SB500 

Westone Quantum X850 

Ibanez Blazer 

Ovation Magnum III 

Peavey T-40 

Ovation Magnum 

Jon Lord 

Ibanez ST824 

Ibanez Musician MC924DS 

Peter Cook - Gibson - Mighty Mite 

The most popular of all time are listed below. 

Fender Urge 1 

Ovation Magnum Bass 

Peter Cook FenderBirds 

Peavey T-40 

Peter Cook - Guitar builder and Musician 

Ibanez MC924DS 

Ibanez 2459B & Greco

Ibanez Old & New 

Ovation Magnum III 

Gordy Headless Bass 

Strangely, I no longer have the Fender Urge and yet despite being hardly
mainstream, it has had the most hits! I have no idea why!

The feature I did on Peter Cook has always been very popular and I'm
sure he will be pleased that his posts have been well read. :)

The Ovation Magnum has also had a lot of readers, I think mainly due
to the pics that I took of mine, which I am very pleased with.

Peavey T-40, always popular.

The thing that I find very pleasing, as a big fan of Ibanez, is how high some
of those have come on the list.

The Yamaha SB500 has had quite a few hits, as there is not much out there
about these fairly rare basses.

The Ibanez Destroyer/Greco has been well vistied - not many of either
of these around!

Well, hope you enjoy browsing through the most popular ones - I will
be wrapping up the Peavey T Series feature, over the next few weeks and
then I think I will do a few more of the Guitars.

So, to celebrate this 100000 milestone, I am going to make a blatant plug 
for one of my very favourite guitarists!
Yes, I play bass but am a great lover of guitar and love everything from 
Classical, through to Hard Rock, traveling through Funk, Prog and Blues.

For me, this guy just does it so well and I never get tired of listening to his
music and guitar playing.
He has played amongst so many of the great players and his piers and yet
is still relatively unknown.
His last album, "Coming up for air" was produced by no less than the very
talented Peter Frampton, another one of my favourite guitarists.

Coming from the Isle of Man and only around 25 years old, he is now living
in Chicago and spreading his music, mainly across the USA - although I have
been lucky enough to see him live, twice - a truly moving experience.

Readers, please give a big hand for Mr Davy Knowles!

Playing alongside Paul Reed Smith - Davy, is pretty much welded to a PRS guitar, these days.

Davy's album traveled around the the word, in a NASA spaceship - over 5 million miles!

Hope you enjoy watching these and check out his other work.
Any existing fans out there, drop in and say hi on the comments section.

Once again, many thanks to all of you readers out there - here's to the next 
100000 visitors.

All the best.
Cheers. :)





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