Thursday, 28 March 2013

Chris Squire's Electra Outlaw. . . .

For the time being, I am done with the Peavey "T" feature and will
come back to it, with shots of my "T"'s that haven't been seen yet.

So, having come across this shot, I thought it would be nice to show it.

This one is the same as mine and although I know he had a much modded one,
I didn't realise he had and gigged an original Electra Outlaw.

Many thanks to Allen, who kindly gave me permission to use his shot.
To visit his very interesting site, go here: 

This is my feature on the one I have. 
Electra Outlaw 1
Electra Outlaw 2

Back next time with something that I have not shown before.

Cheers. :)



Reel Muzak said...

Didn't he use one heaps around the Trevor Horn stuff?

Flat Eric said...

Hi. I'm not sure, I'll look into it.
Thanks. :)