Friday, 25 May 2012

Electra Outlaw Bass Part II. . . . .

This has to be one of the most unusual basses I have.

So, I thought I would put a bit more detail into this one.

Not exactly a shape inspired by anything else and yet it
works very well. 
Well balanced on a strap and sitting, not too heavy, nice
neck, which for me has a Gibson sort of feel.
The bridge is obviously a direct copy of a Rickenbacker,
the Precision pick-up is as a Fender P, the other pick-up
has, I'm sure, been seen on other Japanese basses but
it is the electronics that are different.
Just look at the size of those switches!!
They control the modules that are inserted into the rear
of the bass.
These are mine.  

There are 11 different ones you could have.
 Phase shifter, Fuzztone, Bass Treble equalizer, Tank tone,
Triggered filter, Envelope follower, Automatic Wah wah, 
Tube tone, Octave splitter, Flanger and and perhaps 
the oddest effect I have ever heard of. . . . . . . . . .
Frog Nose!!!

As well as all that to be offered, there are five different options
on the pick-up switching.

Chris Squire,  famously "altered" his and used it live on many occasions.


Something else I didn't know until recently and have never seen it 
documented before, there was a passive version.


What's it like to play?
Very nice!
The two modules on mine give an extra colour to the sound,
so you can use pick-up selections as a basis for your sound
and then kick in the other two as you want them.
The whole thing says Quality!

As well as looking very attractive from the front, the neck/body
joint is a masterpiece of joinery. 

There are also very decorative inlays, that I think look like

Very Nice!

That's it - Electra MPC Outlaw Bass!

Something a bit different, something a bit unusual. . . . . .
Something a bit nice!!

Cheers. :)


Furtheron said...

I've seen Chris Squire use his on a number of occasions - to be honest I never knew what it was until now.

You say he "altered" his - in what way? Do you know?

Flat Eric said...

Hi. :) Nice to hear from you. That was quick! The body was altered - the lower horn was reduced and a lot of tinkering with the electrics and wired in stereo, I think. Should have know someone would ask! I'll find out and add it as an edit. Cheers. :)