Friday, 18 May 2012

Comments on the Collection. . . . .

Hi - Friday again!!!

Since Blogger changed the set-up, I have now had
to find all the features that I was used to and looked
at others, whilst I was at it.
On the previous set-up, I had tried to install "Comments"
but somehow never got it to fire up.
Now, it's sorted and I already have a few linked to the
instruments in question.

Like this:

"Thanks for a great blog - keep up the good work!
I had one of the '85 black Quantums - it was my
first bass, and still my favorite for overall feel,
sound, and playability.
Will you be posting yours on here anytime soon?"
on On the Rails. . . . . . .

"A beautiful instrument, thanks for the description.
Those silk ends must surely affect intonation too,
not only tone?" on Ovation Magnum Bass. . . . .

"Hi, just picked up an Ibanez SB70 for €159.
I agree with your comments. Do you still own yours?
Have you registered it with the SB70 register at
They are trying to establish how many there are in
the world...
(PS your blog gets visits every 10 minutes, you should
keep it going)" on Ibanez Studio SB70 - A rare one??. .

Always nice to hear from fellow owners.

The last couple of rehearsals I have used one of
my White Aria Laser Heritage and it's cousin,
a Black "active" Laser.

If you are looking for a great bass, that won't
break the bank, you wouldn't go far wrong.
Smiles all round - thumbs up from SixString!

So, now we have "Comments". . . . . any one 
reading this, who has one, let me know what 
you think of yours.

The guy who I bought the active from, who from
memory was a "Precision" man, said he as VERY
tempted to take out the pick-ups and electrics. . .
Glad he didn't!!

I will try and put up the details for the Electra Outlaw
next time around.

Cheers. :)

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