Monday, 2 April 2012

Joe Bonamassa, WOW! Just WOW!

Just a quick post this morning.

I know this blog is primarily about my collection but every
now and then, it is good to wander off and add some other
shades to the pallet.

Went to see Joe Bonamassa, last night, with some friends
who are also fans.

To say we were blown away, is an understatement!!

I've seen youtube stuff, listened to a lot of his music, both
on his own and with other artists but to see him live. . . . . .

The sound at Nottingham was, from where we were sitting,
one of the best I have ever heard.
He played a variety of Les Pauls, a Gretsch, with a Bigsby,
I think - we were some distance away, a Telecaster, another
guitar, sort of Strat/T-60/JS shaped but couldn't see clearly
a white Gibson Twin Neck and an acoustic, which was without
doubt, the best I have ever heard in a large venue/concert hall.

No support, no messing around - Just like Peter Frampton, last
year - got on stage, got started, kept going.
Just brilliant!!

A night, never to be forgotten

To Joe Bonamassa - You were truly great!!

Cheers. :)

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