Thursday, 26 April 2012

Fender Jazz Bass, 1972. . . .

The fact that I haven't made a list of all the
ones I have done yet and considering that I
still have most of what I have listed and have
still got quite a way to go, I am now starting
to forget which ones I have done!!!
I think it's a fairly safe bet that I haven't done
this one, as I only have a few shots of it.

As  you can see from the title. . . . It's the one in 
the middle!
The Precision on the left is now in the safe hands
of a fellow player - you know who you are when
you see this - Hi. :)
The Precision on the right, I still have and have
done a feature about that one before.

Fender Jazz Bass 1972 

I lusted after one of these for a long time, my friend
has one, which I have shown before - he had his
from new and was lovely to play, so when I was able
to, I managed to find this one, which is in superb 
condition and plays "as if it's got magic in it"
I have had it some years now but only gig it at venues
where there is plenty of room and Mr 8 Pints can't
roll into it, if you see what I mean!!
I won't go into great detail today, as I don't have much
time and I need to get some more shots of it.
So, when I have them, I will come back to it with a big 

I will try and be more frequent with my posts, as one
comedian (long time bass acquaintance) - yes you. . . 
has mentioned that I have gone off the boil!
Rubbish, my friend - I've just been busy!! :)

So, 'til the next time.

Cheers. :)