Friday, 28 October 2011

Yamaha Super Bass 500. . . . . . .

Rehearsal last night and I took the "Parkinson" which I have
covered before, in a previous post.

I still marvel at how good it sounds and how nice it plays, for
something that is clearly "Hand Made" - there has been no attempt
to disguise the fact that it was fashioned by someone making a
bass to play, without going into fancy detail.
The sound is so very close to a Ric - more so than the Precision it
is modelled on.
The pics in my previous post show it without strings, prior to being
set up and serviced. I will put some up as it is now, as soon as I can.

The Mystery Bass. . . . . . . . .

Yamaha SB500 "Super Bass".

Now, you don't see many of these!!

I've not played it for a few months, so next rehearsal it will have
an outing and I will do a feature on this rare, early Yamaha Bass.

Cheers. :)

Edit: Forgot to mention, no one got the correct answer!
Bit of fun I will repeat another time.

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Francis said...

I'm from the Philippines. I'm not a professional musician. I play guitar and I and some friends sometimes get together to jam a few songs. We don't have a bass player so I figured I'd buy a bass guitar and do the bass. I was looking for used bass guitars in the Philippines, and then somebody posted on a facebook page selling a Yamaha Motion Bass, I and thought I was going to buy this one.

I sent a private message to the owner and I also checked out another bass he is selling - a black Yamaha SuperBass 500s. I got interested. I discovered that this bass is quite rare. What should I look for / watch out for if I check out this bass for some test? Are there fakes for this kind of bass? Would I be stupid if I let this bass pass by? It looks really good and could be gem!

Here's the page:

More power!

Flat Eric said...

Francis, Hi. The one you show is not exactly the same as mine but would be a great bass. Yamaha make great instruments. If it is the right money for you, I would grab it! Good luck, let me know what happens. Cheers. :)