Sunday, 16 October 2011

Aria SB Basses, Peter Cook - Ned Callen and other stuff. . . . . . . .

Sunday again and the weather is just great, just right for a walk before
Sunday lunch! Mmmmm!!

I came across this great site, via one of the other Aria sites I follow.

Very interesting and well worth a read.

I have done quite a few of my Aria basses but there are still quite a
few of them to do.

SB1000 Mk 1 and Mk2, SB900 as well as another R60 I couldn't
resist buying last year!!

Had a great response to the Magnum feature and at the moment,
there seems to be a lot of interest in Ibanez Studio basses.
I recently took some better shots of my 8 String Studio, so I will
put them up soon, along with a more detailed description.

The feature on the Jaydee Twin Neck has taken another turn,
as it might be appearing live, with it's original owner!!

I now have another bass with a Peter Cook connection!
Yes, it was me that bought it!
These things very rarely come up for sale, so I'm sure some
of you will have seen it.

A battered up old Ned Callan!

I have been after a Ned for a long time, I think the picture of
JAE with the Simms Watts ad, promoting Ned Callan, sort of got
me interested in one and this is the same type he was playing.

I am going to do a big feature on this old Ned!
It plays and sounds NOTHING like what you think it would.
A very big surprise for me but more on that when I get round to it.

And finally. . . . . . Just a bit of a tease for you.

I have had this for quite a while, I have mentioned it several times,
played it many times, gigged it this year but never had any photos
of it. . . . . . So, for the eagle eyed amongst you. . . . What is it??

Answers on a post card. . . .

More stuff next time.

Cheers. :)

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