Monday, 24 October 2011

Peter Cook - July at The Venue in London. . . . .

Went to London on Saturday night, to meet up with Peter
at the Venue! Great place!

What a great night!!

I have to confess that until I met Peter, I had never heard of July.
Having looked more deeply, they were rubbing shoulders with some
groundbreaking act of that time.

More pics of July here:
Pictures of July - Then and now

About July

What really surprised me was the average age of the audience!!
There were a LOT of 21 to 28 year olds and the place was packed.
A lot of them were dressed in clothes of the period - 1963 to 69, at
a guess and even more surprising, when it came to the chorus lines,
it seemed like all of them joined in, knowing all the words. Amazing!

Peter play a modified Strat - he likes to keep it simple - one Vol and
one Tone. He is also a bit of a harmonica player. Nice!
Alan James did a sterling job on the bass, Chris Jackson at the back
with some great drumming, James Newman (Tom's son?) doing a
cracking job on the guitar, Charlie on bongos and keyboards, adding
to the myriad of sounds and up front, Tom Newman, who amongst
many things he has been involved in, co-produced Tubular Bells,
for Mike Oldfield.

Tom did a great job of setting the scene, almost to the point that if you
squinted, you were back in the 60's!!
He also brought out a couple of hand made electric Sitars.
What a great sound - really added to the atmosphere.
All in all, just a great night.

Because of how late it was, I only spoke to Peter for about ten minutes
but it was long enough to find out he has a lot of passion for July and
that they are working on more new material for an album that should
be out in the new year.
They played some of the new stuff, which went down very well.

That's about it - Peter and July - Something I would definitely travel
to see again.

Back next time with the solution to the mystery bass.

Cheers. :)

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