Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ibanez ST- 980 8 String and ST-824 Studio Basses. . . .

Saturday morning, lots of outside jobs to be done and it's raining. . .
Cats and Dogs!!
To those not familiar with the phrase = Raining a lot!!!!

So, I thought I would just post up some images and spend a few minutes
here, while the rain is at it's heaviest.

Ibanez basses of their Classic period are just brilliant.
I have said this before and I'll say it again, it's no wonder that so many
famous artists took up playing Ibanez.

I am not going into any major descriptions on these today - I will be doing
a feature on the 8 String and will include some details on the Studio 4 String,
another time.

I am hoping soon to finally get round to the Jaydee Twin Neck.
Watch this space.

Still raining - think I'll put the kettle on!

Cheers. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,
Just read your comment on the ST824, makes me happy cause I just bought one on the net.
Didn't see it yet in real so i hope its a good one, has great looks!
( price was 350,- Euro's)

Flat Eric said...

Henry, Hi. These are really great basses and if it is a nice one, you will be VERY pleased. I think you got a great deal - I paid a lot more than that for mine, some years ago.
Send me a picture of yours?
Cheers. :)

Zibbe Zabba said...

Nice collection. I used an Ibanes studio bass for the best part of ten years in the 80's to early 90's. Amazingly versatile. A cabaret bass players wet dream. They can be tweaked to sound like any bass. Jazz, precision, happy slappy, dirty retro, lo end motown. Alas, mine got stolen. I looked for a replacement for years and got outbid by collecters at guitar fairs and the likes. It almost became an obsession to find one. The years went by. I stopped playing then recently returned to playing. I joined a band last year doing blues and country and this 65 year old guitarist showed me his guitar collection (most of them were in cases) Honestly he had about 50 guitars and basses. Most of them run of the mill stuff then... inbetween a row of oddly matched cases of various sizes I spotted the unmistakable sight of the Brown awquard shaped case of an Ibanez studio bass. My heart nearly stopped. I opened the case and there it was. Not the one that got stolen, mine had worn through the varnish and into the wood near the pickup where my thumb rested. After much persuading I paid him £300 for it. Serial is H803752. He bought it from from a music shop in manchester in the late 90's. He paid £200 for it didn't like the weight of it (well they are heavy buggers)so it got stashed away in his loft conversion. I've just seen one on ebay for £700. They are increasing in value quite quickly.