Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fender Precision Bass. . . . .

This lovely Precision has been with be for a few years - rehearsed
with it, gigged with it and polished it.
When this was first played, Margaret Thatcher had been PM for
a short time, The Police and Blondie were in the charts, mobile
phones, texting and internet were yet to get started and petrol
was a fraction of what we pay for it now!

So considering it's age, it has done very well and I have looked
after it as well as I could, during my time of ownership.

It found a new home yesterday and I'm certain the new owner
will enjoy and care for it as much as I did.
He had barely got it home when he sent me this image.

Set in the middle of some other fine instruments he has, it looks
absolutely gorgeous.
I do have some shots of my own but none as good as this one.

Thanks Paul, hope you enjoy the old fella.

Cheers. :)

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