Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tale of an Odyssey. . . . . or two . . . . .

My Odyssey is one of my favourites and was the first instruments I
featured in this blog.

Here's The Old Fella, week before last - sorry about the quality of the
pic and no, we weren't micing up the floor!!! This was pack up time -
bass drum mic! Just seen in the background is the SB 600 - he does
come out now and then!

This is the new boy, last week! Yep, I've now got two of them.
Big smiles all round.

Great night on both occasions - these things kick like a mule.
Seen with an Aria RSB Deluxe - great opalescent cream colour.
Also a couple of cracking SG's - not mine but they are part of
the team - without them, things would sound a little empty! :)

I will get some shots of the two together, as soon as I can.

Just a quick post today, back soon with something else -
perhaps a guitar, as I mentioned last!!

Cheers. :)

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