Sunday, 5 December 2010

Aria SB-R60. . . . . . . . .

Sunday morning again!
Yep, hot coffee time, in front of the fire - toasty!!

Gig last night, some distance away, fair sized pub but I think
the current weather put some folks off. Shame but there you go!
I think there were about 30 in the pub and most stayed to the end
so not too bad.
Driving back - foggy or what?????? Not nice - rolled in at 2.30 ish
and have promised myself an easy day.

I have recently started looking at other collectors web sites and it is
amazing what is out there - I will try and sort out a couple of the good
ones and put up some links.

So, I said on my last post. . . . . . More Aria!

This is an SB-R60, yet another model number.
Aria of this period had subtle variations, cosmetic details, string spacings,
pick-up/circuit differences, gold or chrome etc, etc.
This one has a different make of strings to the 600, I have listed but
if you handed them to me in a a dark room and said not to go beyond the
twelfth fret, it would be so hard to tell them apart - certainly the sound is
practically identical.
This has a through neck, wider string spacings (the 600 is almost parallel)
and different jack socket area but sound wise. . . . . well I can't tell the difference!

Next week is the last gig of the year and then, as actors say when they
are out of work. . . . . We are resting!! :)
This year has not been as busy as previous years, enough to keep us going
but a lot of places that were doing two or 3 a week, have cut down to one.
A sign of the times.
Hey Ho, we have a handful to kick off the year, see how things go from there.

Anyway, I think we have done enough Aria, for the time being - still quite a
few to go but I'll come back to them later.

I thing it's time for a few guitars, as the basses have been hogging all the posts.

I really don't play guitar that much now and am thinking of letting some
of them go to new homes - it's just deciding which ones!
Pick one, open the case, plug it in, quick 5 minutes and then the doubt
kicks in. :)
This one or the other one, or that one - oh I don't know!

Never mind, I will take pics and details before they go.
Busy next week but hope to be back here on Friday.

See you then.

Cheers. :)


Kokyu J said...

I am debating on getting this vry bass in natural for a low low price.......It looks and sounds stunning!

Flat Eric said...

What a coincidence!! I was playing that bass, only yesterday. Get it. You won't be disappointed!! : )