Friday, 22 July 2016

Reeve Guitar Gallery.

Another big gap in posts! Sorreeeee, so busy these days but I'm back on the case. No pun intended!

Other Reeve owners have been in touch and this is the gallery of the ones I have. There is one missing, a Red Long Horn Strat type, which I'm sure I had the images but can I find them? If you are the person who kindly sent them to me, please send again and I will include them.
Here we go!

 As you can see a varied mix of styles. The bass has the same hardware as mine, although that is a single pick-up, mine is two.
The green Vee shaped guitar, as the owner said, is much played and much modded - unusual shape.
The black LH Strat style, has some interesting switching - all on, all off or any perm you can get! The Burns type scroll was a special request by the customer.
Finally the last one shown has "aged" and again, has some interesting controls.
The position markers and very much in the Hofner style of things.

If anyone else has a Reeve Guitar, please drop me a line.

Next time, the pics of my finished Reeve Headless bass and then I'll move onto something different.

Cheers. :) 

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