Friday, 28 August 2015

Reeve - Other owner.

I've just received this comment and thought it worthy of posting up.

"Hi Flat Eric, Some info on Reeve guitars - bear with me it's a bit of a yarn! 

First, I bought a Mex Tele (I'm a 6 stringer by the way) that needed a set up. 
My bassist at the time suggested I take to a mate of his, one Jez Reeve in Luton. This we did and Jez did a splendid job for really no money and whilst I was there I took a shine to one of Jez's creations, a Tele shaped beast with stunning looks and magic action that I nicked from him for £300 (his asking price) - the hardware alone is worth twice that! My abiding memory is how utterly charming, generous and talented Jez was and what a lovely wife he had. 

Sadly I heard about a year later that Jez had passed away and that makes my Reeve Tele so much more special. 
The world of music is a much poorer place for not having Jez around but I am privileged to have a fine example of his artistry. One other piece of info: in conversation Jez mentioned that in his early days he was associated in some way with the old Alligator guitar company.

I do have the name of the person but won't post it up.

Please, please get in touch - more and more Reeve are coming out of
the woodwork, all with similar tales of how pleasant the two of them were.

Contact me here  

Cheers. :)


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