Friday, 20 February 2015

Greco GOB II 750, one of the best!

Well, it's time to do this one.

I took this shot, quite a few years ago and was going 
to feature this truly great bass, some time ago... but. . 

I then had second thoughts.
If I tell everyone how good they are, they will be harder
to find!
So, I set about finding another one, which took several
years and when I'd got it, I thought I would do a post
on it and have it over and done with!
But. . . . . . they also did a Maple version and wouldn't
it be nice to add that one?

Well, I've decided, enough is enough, I'll just have 
to go ahead and do it!

There is just something I just love about this bass!
It feels just right, in almost every respect and has,
as I often describe when talking about pick-ups,
tone and sound - a punch that would destroy
kidney stones, at ten paces!!
Single pick-up, in just the right place, volume and
tone control - simple!

Both of mine are 1979, making them 36 years old.
The quality of build, is A1 Triple Star - Plus!!
The pick-up is the same used in another favourite
of mine - The Ibanez Blazer, 1980.
It is also used on the Roland, G-33 and G-88 Snyth
Bass, as used by. . . . . . Phil Lynott, so the pedigree
is all there!

There isn't much else to say - I'm not going to compare
it to a Gibson or Fender or anything, for that matter,
as it is what it is - a truly great instrument.

When you look at the quality of some of the bigger names,
during that period - let's face it, quite a lot has been 
said over the years about how some of them lost their
way, for a period of time - then look at what was coming
out of Japan.
Greco, Ibanez, Aria - you look at magazine adverts, around
that time - major artists were moving over in droves!!

As soon as you pick this bass up, you can see why.

Some one said, back end of last year "why don't you
list some of your favourites?" . . . . . well I certainly 
have done so with this one!!

Anyone out there got one - Would love to hear from you.

Anyone in the UK got a Maple one??

Cheers. :)

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Marcel from ByeMould said...

Nice one Flat Eric!

You are just as addicted as the rest of us are. Once you buy one guitar you want the next model, or another with a lower action or different pick ups etc.

It's an expensive hobby but it keeps live interesting!!

Flat Eric said...

Hi. Addicted - Yep! I'm sure there is help available. . . . but I'm not interested in being cured! To be fair, I have acquired anything for a long time but. . . . in the last couple of months, two more have joined the rest of them. An Ibanez and an Aria - both from the Classic Period. Cheers. :)