Friday, 13 February 2015

Another Ibanez. . . . . .

Just a short post today - Eric and friends!

I bought yet another Classic Ibanez, quite recently.

Nothing entirely unusual about that - to form a 
collection of anything - cameras, china, model cars,
whatever the interest of the collector is, you have to
add to it.

Two, three or four of something, doesn't really make
up a collection, so by default, acquisition is part of
being a collector.

The reason for this post. . . . . .
I often reflect on the people I meet doing this sort of
thing and I have, over the years, made some genuine
friends, along the way.

The owner of the Ibanez, who will remain anonymous, 
other than he has a love of aircraft and model railways,
can only be described as a perfect gentleman and a very 
interesting person.

His custody of the instrument, has lasted for almost
25 years - mine has just begun and so the story continues.

I am aiming to try a get at least two or three posts up every
month, during 2015 - plenty more to go, it's just finding the
time to do a post justice.

Back soon.

Cheers. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! I have a 1981 RS924BS which I have had from new. After a few decades of inactivity I am now playing in a pub blues band, and find the thing so heavy on my 55 year old shoulders that it becomes uncomfortable. I am thinking about getting something like a RS505, as I want to use a 5 string, that is also thin and light-weight. Also I am not made of money!

Do you know if there are buyers of 924's for decent money these days? I would not like to part with it for a paltry sum, as I am really attached to the thing and love its tone. It would just be easier to justify a new one to the ball and chain if I sold it for a good price!!

Thanks for your comments!