Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Flat Eric, Bass and Guitar - 199th Post and Five Years on. . . . .

Today is a bit of a celebration!
This is my 199th post! 

This has taken me some time to do but I hope
it will be interesting.


If you ever wander off somewhere, within the blog, just
click on the script at the top of the page and it will take
you to the latest post. :)

From the many e.mails I have had, a lot of people drop
in here either out of interest of curiosity but mainly 
because they have one of the instruments I have - or they
are looking for one or they are fans of the Marque.
To mark the ocassion, I have created a directory of most
of the posts - the most interesting ones but not all.

So, it works like this - find an article you would like to read,
click on link and away you go!


Back to the begining - almost

Earlier part of the story

 More scribbles - not many pics 

Peavey T-40 & A start at last



Peter Cook The Outtakes

The Axis Connection

Peter Cook - The Final Cut

Ibanez 2459 Destroyer & Greco Rickenfaker 

Peavey T-40 - Greco & '72 Jazz 

Ovation Magnum III 

Marchis Telecaster 

Parkinson Bass - Bit of a surprise 

Aria TSB-650

Foundation and Jazz Fretless

Fender PB70 US

CMI Artist Fretless Bass

An easy day :)

All the King's Horses 

Can you see yours in there??? 

Ibanez RS-800 

Ibanez Studio Basses 

One Hundred Posts! :)

Well, that lot should keep you going for quite some time.

As I said, it's not all the posts - there are plenty of others
during this period but "One Hundred Posts" takes you
to July, 2011.

For the 200th post, which is the next one - I will carry
on with the theme.

Thanks to all of you who drop in and thanks to all those 
who have dropped me a line or two - great to hear from

Contact me here. :) 

Cheers. :) 

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latest post, go here:
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