Friday, 28 November 2014

Peavey Foundation - Roger Glover, Ritchie Blackmore and Deep Purple. . . . . . .

Well, there you have it! 

Roger Glover, in the Perfect Strangers era, weilding
a white Peavey Foundation.

There's another fella in the band, next to him. . .
Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr Ritchie Blackmore.
Playing Bass??
Looks like he "borrowed" Roger's Foundation.

Here are some more shots of the Peavey in action.

I already have two Foundations, a Gold one and a fretless
in a Sunburst but for some time, fancied one like Roger used.

Well, some months ago, I finally got one and have used it
quite a lot. Very nice, indeed!

At this point, I am going to say "bah humbug!"

Having put off doing this one, I finally got some shots of the
beast, on a brand new flash card.
Yep, you've guessed it - will not open!
Not sure what I have done but it just won't have it!

So, determined to put this post up - this is part one and
pics of my white Foundation, are to follow.

Back soon.

Cheers. :)


Ok, pics now sorted.

This one is mine.
I have played this a lot recently - played it at rehearsal 
on Monday.
Just a really nice bass, to join its brothers! :)

A full house!

Cheers. :)

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