Friday, 19 July 2013

Ibanez RB-650, Hot Marquee and Davy Knowles. . . . .

Ibanez RB-650, in White!

 I have two of these - a red one and this one.

These basses, like the Blazer, punch way about their weight - ask
anyone who has played a Blazer or a 650!

I gigged the red one quite a bit, a couple of years ago and it went 
out with another Ibanez, as a matched pair, for the night.
Lots of punch, plenty of bottom and enough brightness to cut 
through the mix, without sounding too brittle.

This one has done 3 gigs, in the last 8 weeks - rotating it, with 
another favourite of mine.

The last gig was a week ago, during this spell of hot weather we 
are currently having - in a 4000 square foot marquee, with two
small entrances and a rear access point, the size of a normal door.
HOT! You bet!
I don't think I have ever drunk so much water, in such a short
space of time!

Anyway, the RB performed faultlessly - as you would expect.

Something a bit unusual on these, and it must be on all of them,
as the other one is the same - the blend between the two pick-ups,
is very gradual, not like many other 2 pick-up basses.
You can take the blend down to around 7 on one of the pots and
hear a subtle difference, all the way to that point.

A neck that is just about right, for almost anyone - a little bit
slimmer than an average Precision - great balance and weight,
all add up to something that is really nice to play.

Here it is, in it's starring role - not the best of pictures but good
enough to show that it is "at work".

On the way back home, slightly cooler at 1.00am, I popped
a CD into the player - Davy Knowles "Sessions" - turned it 
up loud, rolled down the windows and "Headed out on the 

Cheers, :) 

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