Friday, 27 January 2012

Peavey Fury Bass. . . . . .

Peavey Fury Bass - Nice!

These are great basses - Full Stop! - For USA, read Period! :)

I played one, "Yonks ago" and thought then how nice it was,
a great combination of features.
A familiar body shape, that is nice and light, familiar looking
pick-ups, that can well hold their own against most and a great
neck, that feels just like another "American Bass, with two single
coil pick-ups" - you know the one!! :)

These are from the earlier period of Peavey instruments, line
around the head, which followed the same pattern as the T-15 to
the T-60 and the T-20 to the T-45.

Nice punchy sound, well balanced, just a joy to play.

The pics are from some time ago and a lucky guy, who wanted
to get back into playing, now has the top one and I'm sure is still
enjoying it today!

Back with more, next time.

Cheers. :)

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