Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Just a bit of fun. . . . .

As I strive to learn more about the workings of
t'internet, I came up with a whacky idea of how to
list all my posts so far, on one page.

Still not worked that out yet but here's something I
was playing around with, sort of does the job but not
quite the "Index" type of thing I was looking for.

Flat Eric's Image Directory

Edit: When you scroll down to the bottom, click "show more
results" - there are a lot more images.
Hover over them - if it says FlatEric, you can click on them and
it will take you to the feature. :)

Bingo, just tested it and it works!!!!!!!!!!!

There are just over 400 images - at a quick count, there
are 44 images that are nothing to do with me but that still
leaves around 360 that are and the bonus is that when you
click on the image, it takes you to the feature - well almost
every time!

That was what I was trying to achieve, perhaps a deeper
understanding of HTML and links is what I need.
Hey Ho.

Bass News:

Recently I have been mainly playing: Status Shark, Fender
Jazz MIJ, Ovation Magnum, Tune and Ibanez Artist.

More of the collection next time.

Cheers. :)

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