Monday, 9 May 2011

Links to the past. . . . .

Hi to all of you out there.

I have had several e.mails, asking if I can put some links to
the older posts, sort of a directory.

I have attempted this in the past but not managed to sort
it, without having a massive URL sprawling across the page. :(

Anyway, I think this will do the trick and if it seems to work
OK, I can then put a directory at the bottom of each post,
so that if you are looking for Status Shark - Reeve Twin -
Greco Ric - Ovation Viper, etc, you can click onto the link.
Simples. :)

Peter Cook, Guitar Builder and Musician

Back to the begining

The Story Continues

Keyboards Killed The Guitar Stars

More T-40.

T-40, IbanezTwin, Ovation, Peter Cook Axis

So, click away and if I don't hear from anyone, I'll assume that
it works on all browsers.

Any problems, drop me a line.

More Fender coming soon.

Cheers. :)

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