Friday, 20 May 2011

Fender PB70-US/ASH, as it's officially known. . . . . .

I have an on/off thing with Precision Basses - I will play one until
my fingers are sore and when finished, will be wearing a large smile
and then, for some reason, won't pick one up for ages, choosing
something else instead.

I got this when I was on the hunt for a Black PB70, a few years back
and couldn't find one, so when I spotted this. . . . well, I just had to. :)
One owner, a guy from the USA, living in London - used it for recording
and I was told it had been very lightly used, as you can see from the
almost new condition.

This is the Ash one, making it slightly heavier than the Alder versions
and has a lovely sharp tone, fitted with DR strings.
This model has a nut width that is more narrow at only 40mm, which
is an in between size for Fender - Jazz 38mm Precision 42mm.
A cracking Precision Bass that is a joy to play.

My other current favourite is a white PB70, that has been round the block
a few times - Badass bridge and cream DiMarzio pick-up, making it all very
70's - will do that one another time.

Welcome to Jason, my latest Watcher - he has a very good blog on Aria Pro II.
Well worth a visit.

Back next time with something different and the start of my "Link to the past"
directory links, so wherever you land on this blog, you can explore other posts.

Cheers. :)

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