Friday, 11 March 2011

Quick Hello and an Axis update!

Hi to all out there.

Just a quick post - time has flown by this week.

I will be doing my Magnum III next time, honest!

I have also sorted out an electrical issue on my '78 Yamaha SB500,
at last - so may be gigging it on Saturday! Yippeee!
After much mucking around with the original pots, I gave up and
fitted new ones, So much better! Looking forward to taking it out again!

I have also had some very nice e.mails, including one from Alan Clarke,
who said he was happy for me to use his name, in connection with his
Axis Guitar, which has had a very interesting history.
I shall come to that next week.

So, that's it - short and sweet.

See you next week, when hopefully, I'll have a bit more time.

Cheers. :)

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