Friday, 28 January 2011

Peter Cook - The outtakes . . . . .

Friday again!!

I thought that this would be the last post on this subject but
as I've experienced so far - I get to a point in time where I
think I've just about covered everything and then something
else crops up!!
Only yesterday, I managed to track down the guy who designed
and built the Axis circuit, so I may have a little more to add.

So, this part is about some of the images and info that I have
either found out during the research or didn't seem to fit in
with the story at the time.

So, let's start of with a couple more pictures on the ExplorerBirds.

Here is one of Peter's most famous customers, holding his
ExplorerBird and discussing the merits of something on
the back of the head! Wonder what it was?

I wonder Who is guarding Who?

Another one in a very fetching "Greenburst"

Another one, the other way round!

Something else I came across . . . . .

In the words of The Ox.

Custom made for me by Peter Cook.
I used this as a guitar substitute on
of my song demos.
I always called it the Peter Cook "jigsaw puzzle".

My very first Alembic!

When I got this home I had it rewired back to
stereo by Peter Cook.
He brought it along to a Who rehearsal when
he'd finished.
I plugged it in - and it blew my mind.

Some interesting Web Sites:

Fame has spread to the other side of the world - Chile!

I noticed when I zoomed in on one of the images I had
that the controls on the Les Paul type guitar had Axis
type controls - I wonder . . . .

An extract from The Complete Guitar Guide - 1982,
showing what I believe to be my Axis Bass and an
Axis Guitar.

I think that will do for now.

Next time - Peter Cook - The Final Cut!

Well until we go through some more stuff he has!! :)

Cheers. :)

Some images and some text attributed to CA, HRC,
The Complete Guitar Guide and Bass Culture.

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