Monday, 17 January 2011

Peter Cook - Gibson, Mighty Mite and The Music Press. . . . . .

"Following an approach by Rosetti & Company I assembled
and set up a limited edition custom range of Mighty Mite
guitars for them."

I also became Gibson’s man in the UK, all Gibson guitars
passed through my workshop before being certificated by
‘Peter Cook Guitars’ and released for distribution."

Peter was featured in several magazine articles and later,
went on to write for The British Music Press.

The shot above shows Peter working on a 12 String neck,
which I believe is the one on my Firebird Twin Neck, or
the one that Del Bromham, of Stray, had - some years ago.
Details and images of both, next time.
"On my travels to the States for the NAMM trade shows and
for Gibson I used to write for the British Music Press
(Sounds, Sounds International, Music World; Musik UK;
Music Maker) covering the trade shows and writing features
on American products e.g. Seymour Duncan."

Next time, Custom Builds.

Cheers. :)

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