Monday, 12 July 2010

Time for something Japanese. . . . .

All sorts of things we could look at but I thought that I should go from
one extreme to the other!
Up to now, as I primarily play bass, I have listed instruments with
only four strings, so let's jump forward and have a look at something
that has got 18 strings, a 6 & 12 string Twin Neck.

This one is an Ibanez 2640 and as twin necks go, perhaps one of the best.
There are many sounds available, Humbucker, Single Coils and Phasing
positions on the switches allow for some interesting tonal changes.
Both necks can be ran into independent amps or effects, giving even
more possibilities.

I have a thing about Twin Neck guitars, perhaps brought on by seeing
bands like The Eagles, Pilot, Rush, Zeppelin etc - John McLaughlin was
also a a well respected user.
The other well known Ibanez Twin is the 2670, which is highly decorative
with a Tree of Life inlay. To date, I have not played one of these. . . . . . .

One Day!!!
This one is a beauty and feels just right - throw the strap over
your shoulder, adjust for comfort, plug in, shut your eyes. . . .
Ah, some wonderful sounds. Twins are heavy but you don't play
them all night, perhaps for two or three numbers and then put
it down and pick up something else.
I have several other Twins, so as I go forward with the Collection,
I will put up some more.

Cheers. :)

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