Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ovation Breadwinner & Viper

Although there were all sorts of odd shapes guitars around at the time,
the Breadwinner always caught my eye.
It looked like it should be comfortable to play and when I finally got
my hands on one, I wasn't disappointed.
Many years later I spotted this and decided to buy it.
This one has an unusual Black finish on it, nice to play - something
a bit unusual.

There is an interveiw from the designer here:

There are quite a few web sites about the birth of Ovation and their
products, well worth a trawl round.

The images below the Breadwinner are of a Viper.
I bought this as the finish matched an Ovation bass I have.
In a world of Les Paul's and Strat's, it is nice to be able to play
something different - in fact, it has just occurred to me, I have never
owned a Les Paul, SG or Strat!

That's all on Ovation for now, I'll do the basses another time.

Perhaps time for some Aria and Ibanez.

Cheers. :)

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