Friday, 21 May 2010

Keyboards killed the Guitar Stars!

With the advent of all the keyboard/synth bands of the late early
80's, Ultravox -Vienna, Soft Cell - Tainted love, Depeche Mode
Just can't get enough, etc there was a shift from guitar based music
to keyboards.
All sorts of gear came into the shop for sale. Muso came in, did a
deal and shot off with the cash to "go keyboard"
Because of this we ended up with a lot of stuff, that is nowadays
called Vintage and Rare but was then called something that's been
around the block a few times and could be sold to raise some £$£$£$.
If I'd have known then. . . . . . . :(
To give you an example of this, I bought a 1962 Gibson EBO for. . . . . .
£72.00!!!!!! To make this even more laughable, I hadn't used it for
sometime by the later 80's and was was told by a shop that "there
was no call for them and he would offer me £150.00.
Well, at least I would have doubled my money but I thought better
of it and still have it today.
I had a Hofner Verithin. . . . . £60.00!! Sold that along with many
others, around the same sort of time.

I was going through some old guitar magazines, the other day and
it made some very interesting reading.
I shall get round to scanning some of them in, so anyone who may
read this can cry into their beer, of a Friday night.
How things have changed!

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