Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Time passes. . . .

I had the Sumbro for about 3 years and as I had something
half decent, I found that I could do a swap with someone for
a week, which lead me down all sorts of paths.
I remember that the first Telecaster guitar I borrowed, was a
"Jedson" and it was completely different to what I had got
used to with the Sumbro.
After a week, this went back and I then went looking for
another swap.
I can't remember all the swaps. I do, however, remember
a "CSL" Gold Top Les Paul, which was stunning to look at
and seemed to me to have a lot more poke than mine.
There was also an old "Burns" that I had for a short while
but thought at the time it felt a bit dated and couldn't get
on with it.
By this time, I had done all sorts of things to various guitars
and had several given to me to improve or alter them.
I had now learned a lot more and memories of the first incident
with the file, started to fade a little.
I had also started building a guitar, using acquired parts and
a neck, mated to a body that I had made from ash.
Not long after that project, I was asked to make one for a friend
and there the story takes a dramatic turn.

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