Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody Film. . . . .

Went to see this film, last Saturday!


I have been a Queen fan, since Seven Seas of Rhye and as part of the collection, I have two Brian May Red Specials - this is one of them.

The film is as accurate as Roger and Brian wanted it to be, as they were part of it and given some artistic licence, it seems pretty close to me.
Just Brilliant!
I spent a large part of Sunday working my way through John Deacon's bass lines - we used to do some Queen, so a couple of the number came back to me quite quickly but a few of the others took some time. Loved it.

John was - and I'm sure still is, if he chooses to play - a really great bass player.
Never much of a fuss, not exactly in the limelight but he put some really great lines into the songs of Queen.

If you get the chance - go and see it Now!!

Cheers. : )

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