Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Reeve Headless Bass - Finished.

Well, at last. . . . it is done!!

I decided to leave the "set-up" strings on it, for the time being and set the action and intonation.
For the Eagle Eyed, amongst you - yes, it is like that. The G saddle looks like it's in the wrong place but I've had this before - in the position you see it, the fifth fret shows a true C, the seventh, a true D and the twelfth, a true G.

This was done some time ago and then is was a case of finding and nice enough day, at this time of year.
Truth is, I think it was a little bit too nice - too bright, really but waiting for another good day, is not something I wanted to do.

In the new year, I am going to meet Val again and am going to take this bass and the twin, to photograph them in her garden, where Ges took shots of his guitars, a lot of the ones you have already seen on here.

I would like to thank both Val Reeve for her input on this feature and Derrick Taylor (the original owner)  of this bass, for his permission to include him in the post - also to say Hi, to Colin.
Hi Colin!!

So, that's all on Reeve, for the time being.

Next time, more Peter Cook and what we found from the attic!!

Cheers. :)

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