Saturday, 7 June 2014

Flat Eric and Lars Mullen. . . . . . . .

Sometime last year, I was contacted by Lars Mullen, who amongst
quite a few other things in the music world, is a journalist and a 
really great photographer, with a passion for his subject.
He does the monthly feature in Guitar & Bass magazine.

He had read quite a few entries on my blog and wondered if I still
had them all and would I be interested in doing a feature.

I said that I still had most of them and more that I hadn't done yet,
so raising a selection wouldn't be a problem and yes, I would be 
interested in getting some of them in an article.

We finally got together a couple of months ago and spent a couple
of days together, sorting out, setting up, shooting. . . .  and trying
to find which case was for which guitar - despite them all being 
labelled, it was still a challenge!! LOL!

 Lars didn't stop all day of the shoot - aside from a quick sandwhich,
he worked a straight 7 hours.
I will never look at these articles in the same way again - so much work
goes into them - over 400 shots, so he could choose various alternatives
when it came to selection and editing. 
The following interviews took another 3 or 4 hours and then he has to 
type them up!! 

Anyway, as I said we had a great day shooting 40 instruments - mainly
basses but a few guitars and a Peter Cook Twin Neck, were thrown in
for good measure.
To get them all to stand up in the group shot was a real challenge - I
had laid my hands on as many stands as I could but not forty of them!
Various tricks were used, including a pack of rubber pencil erasers!!

As I mentioned above, finding the correct cases, when all the shots were 
done, was also "entertaining"!

So, if you would like to see some of my collection - all together, along with
descriptions and stories behind them - Guitar & Bass Magazine, Volume
25, Issue 10, is out now.  

A big thank you to Lars and a very big thank you to my other helper. . . . 
who will remain nameless but you know who you are. . . . . . Taaaaaaa. :)
Fancy doing it again?

Always happy to hear from owners out there - I have made so many
friends, over the years, from all over the globe - with so many invites
to "drop in" should I be in that area.
I'd better start saving some air miles!!!

Drop me a line, if you wish or post a comment on the blog.

If you do get to read the article, I hope you enjoy it.

Back next time with the fronts of the instruments I put up the other day.
A Peter Cook Axis Guitar and a Ray Cooper Custom.

All the best.

Cheers. :) 

1 comment:

Furtheron said...

Hi Eric,

Great to see the collection getting the praise it deserves.

I just blogged about it on my own blog.

So glad my Axis bass now has a new sibling to keep it company after living for so long with my 6 string buddy...

Looking forward to more details on your 6 string one.

I think mine probably has the "custom" tag on the truss cover as it is a one piece mahogany body not made up in the laminate construction of the bass and your 6 string. Don't know if you ever got any info direct from Pete on that or not?